Faculty Candidate Seminar - Diego Melgar

03/23/2017 - 3:00pm


DATE:         March 23rd, Thursday, 3 p.m.  

LOCATION:     Hubbs Hall 4500

SPEAKER:      Diego Melgar, Ph.D.
            UC Berkeley

Offshore Geophysics and Tsunami Hazards: Science, Technology and Society
Tsunami hazards are intimately related to the behavior and properties of the shallow megathrust. Large events of the last 12 years have shown that the diversity of behavior of this portion of the subduction system is far richer than previously anticipated and that, perhaps, very shallow large slip is possible at most subudction zones. Population growth and the associated development of coastal regions around the globe have led to an increase in vulnerability and thus overall tsunami risk. Ongoing efforts at expanding seafloor instrumentation promise to illuminate many of the open questions about the behavior of shallow subduction zones during the inter-seismic and coseismic phases as well as to expand the observational arsenal of warning algorithms. In this talk I will discuss the implications of observations of recent tsunamigenic events and motivate the need for permanent seafloor observatories. I will also detail efforts  to expand local tsunami early warning systems to include seafloor data, particularly in the Cascadia subduction zone.
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Hubbs Hall 4500