Faculty Candidate Seminar - Kate Ricke

03/17/2016 - 12:30pm
Dean's Conference Room, 4200 Robinson Complex (Main Campus)
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DATE:     March 17th

LOCATION:  12:30pm in Dean’s Conference Room, 4200 Robinson Complex (main campus)
SPEAKER: Kate Ricke, Ph.D.
Carnegie Institution for Science

TITLE:   Integrating physical and social models to inform climate risk mitigation policy

Climate change presents the challenging task of developing trans-disciplinary frameworks for integrating what we know about human behavior and what we know about the way the climate system works. My research characterizes feedbacks between physical climate outcomes and climate change risk mitigation decisions using coupled climate modeling, large dataset analysis, economic optimization, and behavioral science. This talk shows my research approach through a study that applies a behavioral model of deterministic citizens making decisions based on stochastic weather and climate. The analysis connects two bodies of knowledge and examines the implications for national and international climate policies. The first is a robust literature demonstrating the connection between decadal-scale natural climate variability and regional and local extreme weather, such as heat waves. The second is a growing body of research illustrating a connection between extreme weather events and perceptions about climate change. Using outcomes from a large initial-condition ensemble of climate model simulations, my paper illustrates climate variability-driven risks associated with waiting for public consensus to drive climate policy decisions.
Faculty Hosts:    Falk Feddersen (ffeddersen@ucsd.edu) & Jennifer Burney (jburney@ucsd.edu)
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