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Fastest Path to Zero: Innovation Webinar

DateTuesday, September 22, 2020 | 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM

The University of Michigan and Third Way is excited to invite you to attend our first Fastest Path to Zero Virtual Conference Series, each Tuesday at Noon - 2 PM from September 15-October 6, 2020 on the Whova interactive web platform.

This invitation-only event brings together leading climate advocates, philanthropists, labor leaders, elected officials, academics, and media from across the Midwest and the nation. Our goal: foster a dynamic conversation focused on how to move forward with ambitious climate action at a time when the nation is also grappling with the pandemic, economic crisis, and resurgent demands for racial justice.

Just as our in-person events aren’t your typical conferences, this won’t be your typical series of webinars. We’re using a different (very easy to use) platform that allows you to interact with other participants and speakers, have background information at the tip of your fingers, and engage with a very diverse set of speakers. This includes a cross-section of national and Midwestern policymakers, and labor, environmental, academic, NGO, and corporate leaders.

Each day of this weekly series will be organized around a specific theme, and you may select to attend all of the events or only the days that interest you (we think they all will).

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