. Frameworks Workshop SBIR/STTR Track: Selling your innovation in a risk-averse market

06/27/2017 - 2:00pm to 5:00pm
Eastgate Mall Suite 100 San Diego, CA 92121
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Are you struggling to sell your idea to investors, grant proposal reviewers, and strategic partners? Do you have a story to tell, but no one is listening? This workshop is for anyone who is launching a new venture and needs investment capital, federal SBIR grant funding and/or strategic investing partners to enable their growth. Raising the funds and finding the early adopter that you need to launch your new venture is a huge and often frustrating challenge. It is intensely competitive and most entrepreneurs ultimately do not get the support and capital that they need. Prospects (early adopters, investors, reviewers, and partners) are distinguishable in terms of how to be approached, but all share comparable buyer behavior characteristics, especially in the face of change, disruption, perceived risk, and needed evidence to balance that risk. We all need to understand buyer behavior and how different people adopt innovations at certain times in a market development life cycle if we want succeed in getting them to open-up to us. How can you increase your chances to get their doors opened and create the best footing to succeed? Free registration.

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