Global Warming Denialism: What science has to say-Science, Politics, and Public Perceptions of Climate Change

01/22/2014 - 11:00am to 12:00pm

Scripps Institution of Oceanography
Special Seminar Series, Winter Quarter, 2014
Special Topics SIO 209, section 804288 (2 units)
Room:  Hubbs 4500, Wednesday, 11:00 am

Topic: "Global Warming Denialism:  What science has to say"

"I have come to believe that in the denial of global warming, we are witnessing the most vicious, and so far most successful, attack on science in history", "The Inquisition of Climate Change" (2011), James Powell   

This seminar will address the arguments made by the deniers of global warming and why the science shows these arguments are wrong and unjustified.

Seminar Presenters and Schedule:

Coordinator:  Jeffrey Bada
Participants:  Tim Barnett, Jeff Severinghaus, Ralph Keeling, Andrew Dickson, Richard Somerville, Veerabhadran (Ram) Ramanathan, David Victor, Shang-Ping Xie and Brian Alters

Jan 8:  Jeffrey Bada, Introduction and documentary video about the people and money associated with global warming denial
Jan15:  Tim Barnett, "Greenhouse warming and its impacts:  Present and Future."
Jan 22:  Richard Somerville, "Science, Politics, and Public Perceptions of Climate Change."
Jan 29:  David Victor, "Why smart people disagree about facts".

Feb 5:  Jeff Severinghaus, "The ice core record of temperature and Greenhouse gases".
Feb 12: Shang-Ping Xie, "Has global warming stopped?".
Feb 19:  Ram Ramanathan, "CO2 Greenhouse Effect and Feedbacks due to H2O molecule: Myths and Facts"
Feb 26:  Ralph Keeling,  "Is the CO2 increase anthropogenic?"

Mar 5:  Andrew Dickson, "Ocean acidification".
Mar 12:  Brian Alters (President National Center for Science Education), "Evolution Denialism".

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Jeffrey Bada
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Hubbs Hall 4500