GP seminar: "Slow and fast earthquakes: diverse modes of fault slip"

05/12/2017 - 3:30pm to 4:30pm
IGPP Conference Room (Munk 303)
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Speaker: Abhijit Ghosh (Assistant Professor, UC Riverside)

Title: Slow and fast earthquakes: diverse modes of fault slip


Earthquake faults show wide spectrum of slip behavior. Typical garden-variety earthquakes last for a few seconds to minutes and are characterized by fast fault ruptures (order of km/s). On the other hand, slow earthquakes last from a few seconds to year with slow fault rupture (order of mm/day). Such slow earthquakes can be as large as moment magnitude 7.5, significantly altering state of stress worldwide along the major plate boundary faults that are capable of producing large damaging earthquakes. In addition, there is growing evidence that slow earthquakes influence fast earthquakes in many ways possibly including nucleation and seismicity rate. Mechanisms of slow earthquakes, physical processes controlling them and their relationship with fast regular earthquakes, however, remain enigmatic. Here, I present new observations of slow and fast earthquakes representing diverse modes of fault slip in different plate boundary settings from different parts of the world in an attempt to better understand fault dynamics in a holistic way.

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