Happenings Around Oceans and Coasts - Are we doing enough?

02/13/2014 - 12:30pm to 1:45pm

Speaker: Gerhard Kuska, PhD
Mid-Atlantic Regional Association Coastal Ocean Observing System

Over the past 45 years, much has happened in the name of better management of our oceans and coasts.  Especially since 1998—the International Year of the Ocean—the U.S. federal government has been busy improving how we as a society manage our marine areas.  But have we achieved what we set out to do?  And is it enough?  This talk will reflect on the happenings in and around our oceans and coasts over the past several decades, with a particular emphasis on what we have been doing over the past decade, and where we might be going in our efforts to sustainably manage our oceans and coasts.


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Jennifer McWhorter
4500 Hubs Hall