Humanized Mouse Models in Pre-Clinical Efficacy Studies in Oncology

01/23/2018 - 8:00am to 10:00am
BIOCOM - McGraw Boardroom 10996 Torreyana Road Suite 200 San Diego, California 92121
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Pharmatest Services and Crown Bioscience welcome everyone to an educational seminar titled “Humanized mouse models in preclinical efficacy studies in oncology”. Humanized mouse models include a functional human immune system, which allows the efficacy testing of immunotherapies on human cancer cells in immunocompetent mice. The seminar also discusses the importance of using preclinical metastasis models to confirm novel agent efficacy before entering clinical trials.

  • Jussi Halleen, CEO, Pharmatest
  • H. Toni Jun, Director Scientific Engagement, CrownBio
  • Mari Suominen, Research Director, Pharmatest

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