Interdisciplinary Forum on Environmental Change

10/29/2013 - 4:00pm to 6:00pm

"What Goes Up, Must Come Down.. Into the Sea: A Discussion on China's CO2 Emissions Forecast and the Acidifying Oceans Beneath"
Presentations by: Andreas Andersson (SIO Oceanographer) and Junjie Zhang (UCSD Environmental Economist)
Panel discussion moderated by Political Science PhD student, Sara Kerosky and Marine Biology PhD Student,  Lauren Linsmayer

Andreas Andersson is an ocean acidification expert who has advised NGOs and participated in international climate policy conferences, and Junjie Zhang's recent work focuses on carbon emissions forecasting and renewable energy in China with policy implications.

During the panel discussion, we can look forward to hearing from their unique perspectives from participating in various policy contexts. We hope for lively discussion, so please come ready with questions.

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The Forum is a collaboration between CMBC at SIO, COLEF Tijuana, the Center for Global Justice at UCSD and others.

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Lauren Linsmayer
4500 Hubbs Hall