Inventing 101 with James Cairns

02/07/2018 - 2:00pm to 5:00pm
The Basement - Mandeville Center B202
Event Description: 

Inventing is a viable career path not often considered, yet it is an extremely rewarding profession that is open to all. Cairns describes how to get started, how to avoid serious mistakes, and how to protect and cash in on inventions. He has over 50 years of very successful experience to share in this interactive presentation and will answer audience questions about commercializing innovations. 

About the speaker:

Award winning Physicist/Oceanographer Dr. James L. Cairns (PhD '74) is a lifelong inventor with more than 60 issued and pending U.S. Patents. Most of his technical contributions have been components for deep-ocean power and communications networks. 

They enabled offshore oil and gas operations to move into the very deep sea, greatly expanding the global area accessible for offshore energy production. His systematic approach to inventing, based on over five decades of successful experience, provides a useful and inspiring model for other independent inventors. 

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