Jenny Suckale (Stanford) "The role of multiphase flow in Nature’s extreme events"

05/04/2017 - 12:00pm
Munk conference room
Event Description: 

 When do induced earthquakes pose unacceptable risk? How fast can ice sheets disintegrate? Why do volcanoes erupt? 
The common denominator of what at first glance might seem like disparate systems is multiphase flow. The dynamic interactions between multiple solid and fluid phases - such as rock and wastewater, ice
and meltwater, magmatic mush and gas - give rise to drastic nonlinearities that govern abrupt change. This talk explores the role of multiphase instabilities in the onset and evolution of extreme events for different natural settings including induced seismicity, Antarctica, and basaltic volcanoes and discusses why it is beneficial to study these problems within a common multiphase framework. To bridge the drastically different scales, my group develops a suite of customized numerical models at a wide range of spatial and temporal scales.


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