Knowlton/Jackson Distinguished Lecturer

05/04/2018 - 3:30pm

This year's speaker is Naomi Oreskes

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he Center for Marine Biodiversity and Conservation (CMBC) at Scripps Institution of Oceanography announces the 6th Annual Knowlton-Jackson Distinguished Speaker lecture event.

This year's distinguished speaker is Dr. Naomi Oreskes Professor of the History of Science and Affiliated Professor of Earth and Planetary Sciences at Harvard University. Her recent work includes Merchants of Doubt (Bloomsbury, 2010) and The Collapse of Western Civilization (Columbia University Press, 2014), co-authored with Erik M. Conway, Science and Technology in the Global Cold War (MIT Press, 2014), co-edited with John Krige, and Introduction to the Melville House edition of the Papal Encyclical on Climate Change. Her upcoming book is titled Science on a Mission: American oceanography from the Cold War to climate change (Chicago Press).

Since 2016, we have included a short talk by a CMBC graduate. This year's Graduate Speaker, is Dr. Nick Obradovich. Nick is a computational social scientist at the MIT Media Lab. He studies the social impacts of climate change and has investigated the potential for warming to impact human sleep patterns, emotional states, mental health quality, physical activity rates, and governance capacity. He is currently examining the effects of exposure to hotter temperatures on human communication patterns and on the structure of social networks.

Photo credit: Kayana Szmczak



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