Marine Biology Seminar: Jeremy Long, SDSU: Stressed in the west: the future of intertidal consumer-prey interactions

05/30/2014 - 12:15pm to 1:00pm


Please join us for the Friday Marine Biology seminar series featuring Dr. Jeremy Long from San Diego State University. Title: Stressed in the west: the future of intertidal consumer-prey interactions Abstract: Disturbance critically influences the composition and diversity of ecosystems. Many current and future sources of disturbance, such as chemical pollution, sea level rise, species invasions, and range shifts, create novel contexts for, and interactions between, consumers and their prey. Although interactions across trophic levels critically shape marine communities, we often lack a basic understanding of the influence of environmental stressors on these interactions. Here, we examine the effects of three such stressors on consumer-prey interactions in coastal California. First, we explore the role of copper pollution on consumer sensitivity to prey and conspecific cues. Second, we identify the influence of elevation and soil salinity on top-down control of primary production. Third, we describe biogeographic variation in herbivore host preference that may reveal consequences of novel interactions associated with invasions and range shifts. I will argue that understanding the context-dependency of these interactions will improve predictions about how communities will respond to increasing environmental change. Key concepts will be emphasized in the key of rap.
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