Marine Biology Seminar: Paul Barber, UCLA: All you need is love: Evolution and conservation in the Coral Triangle

05/16/2014 - 12:15pm to 1:00pm
Please join us this Friday at 12:15 for the Marine Biology seminar series. Speaker: Dr. Paul Barber, Professor UCLA Location: Hubbs Hall 4500, 12:15pm, May 16th. Refreshments will be served at 12pm. Title: All you need is love: Evolution and conservation in the Coral Triangle Abstract: The Coral Triangle is the center of the world's marine biodiversity with an unprecedented wealth of marine species. However, scientists don't understand why diversity in this region is so high. Traditionally it is believed that speciation results from divergence of populations separated by a physical barrier to dispersal, such as a river or mountain range. Although this model of speciation works well in terrestrial ecosystems, it is unclear whether similar mechanisms operate in marine environments because most marine organisms have a pelagic dispersal stage, where larvae enter into the plankton, potentially dispersing great distances on ocean currents. Because of pelagic larval dispersal, it is believed that there should be limited barriers to dispersal in the oceans, and limited opportunities for the creation of new species. Thus, there is a paradox of high biodiversity in an environment that should have limited opportunities for speciation. Over the next five years, funded by a National Science Foundation grant, we will try to answer this paradox, integrating ecology, physical oceanography, and molecular genetic techniques to explore the evolution of marine biodiversity in the Indo-Pacific.
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