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The Orbital Lab: Microgravity Propels Life Science Innovation

DateThursday, February 25, 2021 | 10:00 AM

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From conception, living organisms are continuously under the influence of gravity. Gravity has always been a constant. But what if gravity was a variable? Over the past 20 years, humans have had a continuous presence in Low Earth Orbit (LEO) where we have used the International Space Station (ISS) to study the effects of microgravity, revealing it to be a unique environment for studying biological processes that yield important insights for biotech and pharmaceutical discovery and development. Axiom and its partners are building the next generation life science research and manufacturing facility in LEO with tools and hardware comparable to modern labs on Earth. Elevating these capabilities in space helps support and drive biomedical research endeavors that benefit humanity on Earth, including the development, testing and manufacturing of new drugs and therapies.

In this first-of-a-kind truly Larger Than Life Science webinar, meet the visionaries who are charting a path to a new kind of innovation platform in this panel discussion moderated by Greg Horowitt, Co-Founder & Managing Director at T2 Venture Capital.  We invite you to explore how microgravity is shifting our thinking about biology and how space can be a new platform for drug discovery, production and innovation.

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