Polar Seminar - Alexis Moyer, University of Edinburgh

06/28/2018 - 2:00pm
Munk 300
Event Description: 
Investigating submarine melt rates at Greenlandic tidewater glacier

In recent decades, decreases in surface mass balance and increases in ice discharge from tidewater glaciers into the ocean have accelerated ice loss from the Greenland Ice Sheet. Despite the inferred connection between oceanic warming and increased ice discharge, our understanding of ice-ocean interactions at the margins of the ice sheet remains limited. In particular, submarine melting of glacier termini is poorly understood, with few observational estimates of melt rates due to the difficulty of collecting in-situ data near actively calving glacial termini. In this talk, I will review previous methods used to estimate submarine melting and present a different method, showing new melt rate estimates for a floating ice tongue in southwest Greenland. I will also briefly cover current research into estimating iceberg meltwater fluxes.

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