Scripps Technical Forum - Severn Marine Technologies - Biofouling

07/22/2015 - 11:30am to 12:30pm

Hank Lobe
Severn Marine Technologies

The presentation and discussion is an overview of complete integrated biofouling solutions. This includes our approach with passive foul release  coatings and other techniques that are emerging such as UV, liquid sterilization and overall best practices such as streamlining. The limits of the present technologies and and overview of emerging technologies is also presented. We started our work in aquaculture, then moved to the oil and gas industry and then developed systems of oceanographic instruments for the science and oil and gas sectors. Key to the presentation are case studies of deployments and results as they relate to various oceanographic applications. 

Hank Lobe is an Ocean Engineer with over 25 years experience in advanced materials and oceanographic platforms and sensors. Hank is the founder Severn Maine Technologies,  the developers and applicators of the ClearSignal biofouling control coating. 

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