SIO Faculty Candidate Seminar - Martin Siderius

10/16/2017 - 1:30pm
Spiess Hall 330
Event Description: 

DATE:          October 16th, Monday, 1:30pm  
            (Additionally, a chalk talk will be held on 10/17 at 2pm in NH101) 

LOCATION:     Spiess Hall 330
SPEAKER:      Martin Siderius, Ph.D.
            Portland State University
TITLE:          Experiments in Ocean Acoustics 


Ocean acoustics is a well-established field with advanced computational and theoretical methods. However, the ocean is an extremely complex environment that is difficult to completely capture and describe for a theoretical or modeling analysis. This inherent uncertainty in the environment often leads to ideas that work well “on paper” but underperform when experimentally tested. Therefore, experiments continue to be a crucial component in the field of ocean acoustics. Experiments can help validate hypotheses and expose shortcomings in theory and models. In some cases, experiments also reveal unexpected phenomena. In this talk, selected ocean acoustic experiments will be described. Examples of the role of uncertainty in the environment will be given as well as some of the unexpected phenomena observed. Topics include sediment acoustics, surface and seabed scattering, acoustic communications, marine mammal acoustics and ocean ambient noise. Recent experiments will be described to provide insight into the potential for underwater autonomous vehicles in ocean acoustic experimentation. 


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