SIO Faculty Candidate Seminar - Xabier Irigoien

06/08/2015 - 3:00pm


DATE:          June 8th, Monday, 3 p.m.  

LOCATION:     Hubbs Hall 4500 (VENUE CHANGE)
*Additionally, a “chalk talk” presentation will be held in Munk Conference Room 303 on June 9th at 1:30pm

SPEAKER:      Xabier Irigoien, Ph.D.
                        King Abdullah University for Science and Technology

TITLE:  Anchovies: To eat or not to eat

Anchovy (Engraulis enchrasicolus) is one of the main resources of the Basque purse seiner fleet in the Bay of Biscay, as well as a part of the gastronomic culture of the region. A succession of recruitment failures starting in 2002 conducted to the collapse of the stock and the closure of the fishery from 2005 to 2010. A major research effort has been conducted to understand the causes of the recruitment failures addressing some of the main hypothesis about factors controlling small pelagic fish recruitment such as enrichment and retention in areas with high food concentration. In this seminar I will show results from the this effort about climate impact on recruitment, relations between food abundance and recruitment, egg larvae and juveniles distribution, growth and trajectories (otolith microchemistry), population structure (genetics) and trophic relations (modelling and diet analysis). Contrary to expectations the results indicate that recruitment increases when climatic conditions favour transport outside the shelf during the larval stages with return to the shelf as juveniles. Modelling and diet analysis suggest that such and excursion off the shelf may result in a reduction of intraguild predation pressure on the early stages.

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