SIO Research Candidate Seminar - David Kline

10/20/2017 - 10:00am
HH 4500
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DATE:          October 20th, Friday, 10am  

LOCATION:     Hubbs Hall 4500

SPEAKER:      David Kline, Ph.D.
TITLE:          Novel Conservation Technologies To Better Understand and Protect Coral Reefs in an Era of Rapid Climate Change


Globally, coral reefs are increasingly under threat from both local and global-scale stressors including overfishing, pollution, global warming and ocean acidification. Massive coral bleaching events and coral disease outbreaks have become more frequent and severe, which has led to massive worldwide declines in coral coverage. In this talk I will describe three funded research projects I am leading that develop and use novel technologies to better understand the physiology and ecology of coral reefs. The first takes advantage of recent advances in machine learning and underwater imaging to more rapidly survey and determine the health of coral reefs. The second uses sensor array technologies combined with custom control feed-back dosing systems to better understand coral reef ecosystem responses to future predicted ocean acidification conditions. The third project combines field biogeochemistry measurements, field experiments, controlled aquaria studies and cellular physiology techniques to better understand how corals cope with environmental stress at the cellular level. By developing and applying an array of novel and interdisciplinary approaches, I aim to better understand corals’ responses to stress from the cellular to the ecosystem level which will better inform conservation strategies.

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