SIO Research Candidate Seminar - Nicholas Beaird

10/23/2017 - 3:00pm


DATE:          October 23rd, Monday, 3pm  

LOCATION:     Nierenberg Hall 101
SPEAKER:      Nicholas Beaird, Ph.D.
TITLE:          Production, Export, and Oceanic Impacts of Greenland's Glacial Meltwater
The Greenland Ice Sheet has been shrinking at an accelerating rate. The resulting freshwater flows into the North Atlantic ocean, contributing to sea level rise and interacting with regional circulation. Greenland is situated near the convective regions of the Labrador Sea, creating the potential for meltwaters to influence the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation by inhibiting convection. Numerical modeling studies have made progress in assessing the impact of excess Greenland meltwater on ocean circulation. However quantitative observations of meltwater spreading are sparse. Here we report new observational methods to quantitatively trace Greenland's meltwater using geochemical tracers. We show that glacial buoyancy input drives significant upwelling and vertical heat transport in a major east Greenland fjord. This overturning creates counterintuitive water property anomalies, and has the potential to strongly influence the East Greenland Coastal Current. We also co!
mpare and contrast geochemical observations of meltwater from a number of systems around Greenland and investigate the seasonal cycle of glacially modified water production from moored records. 
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