Some theoretical advancements and improved conceptions in ocean wave shoaling and wave-current interactions

05/01/2013 - 3:30pm to 4:30pm


Understanding the free-surface flow regime in oceans, seas and other water basins is of high importance to various applications. Surface waves, specifically, play a significant role in both deep water and near-shore flows. The seminar will present progress in understanding two main physical processes of these waves: nonlinear wave shoaling and wave-current
interactions. An improved conception for nonlinear wave shoaling, which can be contrary to what linear wave shoaling intuition would indicate, will be presented. In addition, advancements in modeling the interactions of waves with strong and faster changing vertically averaged currents will also be addressed.
In recent years, ocean circulation models has significantly improved the capability of reproducing the vertical variability of ocean flows. Furthermore, these circulation models have been coupled to wave forecasting models. Still, the wave-action equation used by these wave models accounts only to vertically averaged currents requiring the averaging of the circulation
models' results. A wave-action equation that overcomes this shortcoming will be presented and discussed.
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