Special Seminar- All Welcome

10/16/2013 - 12:00pm

Wed, Oct 16, 12:00 pm
Munk Conference Room, IGPP

Walter Munk is hosting Jan Wanggaard on Wednesday, October 16.  Jan a young Norwegian
science Historian who has done serious work about Harald Sverdrup's
career and the /Maud/.

He is responsible for trying to bring the old Polarship /Maud/ safely
back to Norway after having spent the last good 80 years sunken and
frozen into the arctic ice, 10 months of the year. They wish to
salvage her from the icy waters of the high arctic, bring her back to
Vollen, Norway, where she was launched 7th June, 1917 and erect a
House of /Maud/ around the old ship, to give her protection and the
respect she deserves. 

They will depart from Norway next spring with a
tugboat and a submersible barge and hopefully succeed raising /Maud/
from the seabed and probably tow the barge back to Norway the summer
after. Jan has dived /Maud/ several times the last years and the
oakwood is still in excellent condition after all these years, due to
the cold water and absence of typical wood-eating fauna. The ship is
of course torn and worm by the ice but this only emphasizes the time,
and for me /Maud/ is a physical symbol of an incredible story, more
than anything. 

Their wish is to bring the story of /Maud/ and her
men, including Harald Ulrik Sverdrup, who was scientifically
responsible on board /Maud/ during all the seven year expedition in
the high north, to the world public as this incredible story has never
really been brought fully available to the public.

All Are Welcome.

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