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AOS Seminar: Title: Bio-optical Relationships in High-Latitude Seas

AOS Seminar: Title: An Overview of Shallow-Water Acoustic Variability Experiment (SAVEX15)

AOS Seminar: Speaker: Edward Richards/ Emma Reeves

AOS Seminar: Speaker: Mike Bianco, Title: Dictionary Learning of Ocean Acoustic Sound Speed Profiles

AOS Seminar: "Microseism cross-correlation" & "Acoustic surface scatter"

AOS Seminar: Snapshots with sound: Rapidly obtained ecological status indicators in coral reef soundscapes

Cody Award Technical Lecture: “Toward a New Abyssal Recipe”

AOS Seminar: Title: “Turbulence in the Deep Sea: Tidal Mixing, Scattering, and Reflection on the East Tasman Slope”

AOS Seminar: Title: “Air-Sea Interaction - from the lab to the field”

AOS Seminar Talk: “How Ocean Instruments Have Been Developed”

AOS Seminar Speaker: Mark Zumberge


AOS Seminar: Speaker: Matthew Alford Title: "Observing lee waves, lee eddies, internal tides and other dissipative processes in the ocean"

AOS Seminar Title: "The Wire Flyer profiling vehicle and a bottom imaging Lagrangian float"

AOS Seminar: A decade of adventures in acoustics after AOS

AOS Seminar: Are there plenty more fish in the sea?

AOS Seminar: To the Bayou and Back: Investigating the seafloor in the Gulf of Mexico and the Pacific Ocean

AOS Seminar: My brief escape from the Ivory Tower and why I came back (other than for the surf)

AOS Seminar Speaker: John Hildebrand, Scripps Institution of Oceanography

AOS Seminar: Closing the loop: On the dynamics of a three-dimensional overturning circulation

AOS Seminar: Acoustic Daylight imaging to helicopter sound sources: instrumentation for acoustical oceanography

AOS Seminar: Title: Transfer Learning and Deep Feature Extraction for Planktonic Image Data Sets

AOS Seminar Cancelled

AOS Seminar: Life After SIO: Convergence Zones in Small Business Environments

AOS Seminar Speaker Daniel Koestner

AOS Seminar: Speaker Ludovik Tenorio & Madeleine Harvey

AOS Seminar Speaker Michael Bianco Title: Dictionary learning-based techniques for the inversion of geophysical data

AOS Seminar Speaker: Dieter Bevans "Head Wave Inversion Technique utilizing the Low-Frequency Sound from a Robinson R44 Helicopter" Speaker: Eric Gallimore "Autonomous Target Reacquisition using Scalar Magnetometers"

AOS Seminar: Speaker Dr. Lev Ostrovsky, Title: "Strongly nonlinear internal waves in the ocean: Propagation and interaction with turbulence"


AOS Seminar: Speaker: Travis Schramek & Edward Richards

AOS Seminar: Speaker: Emma Reeves & K.C. Cameron

AOS Seminar: Speaker: Chomgun Cho Title: The array-invariant based source range estimation using a vertical array in underwater

AOS Seminar: Dr. John Colosi (Naval Post-Graduate School), "Undersea Sensors for Mine Countermeasures and Munitions Mapping"

AOS Seminar: Dr. Peter Gerstoft (SIO)

AOS Seminar: Dr Dan Sternlicht (Naval Surface Warfare Center), "Undersea Sensors for Mine Countermeasures and Munitions Mapping"

AOS Seminar: Dr. Heechun Cho (SIO), "Acoustic Remote Sensing Using Sources of Opportunity"

AOS Seminar: Dr. William Hodgkiss (SIO), "Underwater Acoustic Array"

AOS Seminar: Dr. Jules Jaffe (SIO), "How Might a Maker Revolution Affect the Development of Technology to Study the Oceans: Examples from the Jaffe Lab"

AOS Seminar: Dr. Dariusz Stramski (SIO)

AOS Seminar: Dr. Ana Širović (SIO)

Dr John Hildebrand (SIO): Assessing whale populations using underwater sound

Dr. Clarissa Anderson (SCCOOS): C-HARM: An Early Warning System for Marine Biotoxins

Dr Jennifer Hofmeister (SIO): Using acoustic telemetry to track the movements of small octopuses in California

Dr George Papatheodorou (University of Petras): TBA

Dr. James Behrens: Marine Controlled-Source Electromagnetic (CSEM) Geophysical Exploration: technology transition from academia to industry / CDIP: Measuring and forecasting waves

Daniel Koestner: Angular light scattering in seaweater and Travis Schramek: Thermal stress in corals

Eric Gallimore: Robots

Madeleine Harvey and Dieter Bevans

AOS Seminar: Katherine Cameron and Dieter Bevans

Ludovic Tenorio: Whales!

AOS Seminar: Michael Bianco -- Travel time tomography with local sparse modeling and dictionary learning