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Special Joint Earth-CASPO Seminar: "The science of climate geoengineering: Stratospheric aerosols and human decision-making"

Special Joint Earth-CASPO Seminar: "Enhancing the ocean's role in atmospheric CO2 management: Marine (geo)chemistry methods"

Earth Section Seminar: "The role of CaCO3 Reactions in the Contemporary Oceanic CO2 Cycle"

GS Seminar- "Melting of Earth's heterogeneous mantle - what happens to crustal melt in the mantle milieu?"

GS Seminar- Dr. Seulgi Moon

GS Seminar- "Ocean controls on climate: challenging heat and carbon budgets"

GS Seminar- "Ocean acidification and marine phytoplankton”

GS Seminar- "Tectonic shortening, Sedimentation and Spatial Patterns of Erosion along the Andean subduction zone”

GS Seminar- "Coupled onshore erosion and offshore sediment loading as causes of lower crust flow on rifted margins: a new form of climate-tectonic coupling”

GS Seminar- Roberta Rudnick, UCSB

GS Seminar- Heather Ford

Ecology Seminar: Dr. Michael Jacox (UCSC/SWFSC), "ENSO and the California Current System"

Jenny Suckale (Stanford) "The role of multiphase flow in Nature’s extreme events"

Polar/Earth Section Seminar: Jeremy Bassis, University of Michigan

GS Seminar- "The Mid-Ocean Ridge Basalt Ferric Iron Crisis”

Earth Section Seminar

SIO Research Candidate Seminar - Matthew Dzieciuch

SIO Research Candidate Seminar - Evan Um

SIO Research Candidate Seminar - Matthew Siegfried

Earth Section-Geosciences Seminar

Earth Section-Geosciences Seminar: Phoebe Lam (UC Santa Cruz) "Surprises in iron cycling at the Peru margin"

Earth Section-Geosciences Seminar: Maryjo Brounce (UC Riverside) "Variations in Fe and S redox states in ocean island basalts"

Earth Section-Geosciences Seminar: Emily Chin (UC San Diego) "On the development of the calc-alkaline and tholeiitic magma series: a deep crustal cumulate perspective"

Earth Section-Geosciences Seminar: Marin Clark (University of Michigan) "Determining Near-Surface Material Strength From Seismically-Triggered Landslide Events"

Chow Specialist Lecture: Jess Adkins (Caltech)

Earth Section-Geosciences Seminar: Aradhna Tripati (UCLA) "Insights into regional patterns of warming and climate change since the last ice age from novel methods”

Earth Section-Geosciences Seminar: Abby Kavner (UCLA) “The Electrochemical Earth"

Earth Section-Geosciences Seminar: Andy Ridwell (UC Riverside) "Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum Meets the North Atlantic Igneous Province: Coincidence or Global Environmental Conspiracy"

Earth Section Seminar: Nicole Gasparini, Tulane University

Earth Section-Geosciences Seminar: Nicole Gasparini (Tulane University) "The influence of rainfall patterns on bedrock river incision in Hawaii"

Earth Section Seminar: Aradnha Tripati, UCLA

Earth Section Seminar: Vicki Grassian, UC San Diego "Mineral Dust and Sea Spray Aerosols: Where Geochemistry and Marine Chemistry Meet Atmospheric Chemistry"

Earth Section-Geosciences Seminar: Shanan Peters, University of Wisconsin, Madison (Earth Cube Distinguished lecturer) Earth’s long-term biogeochemical evolution: the view from the upper crust

Peter Clift, LSU seminar "Water Supplies, Early Society and River Systems in Holocene, SW Asia"

Earth Section-Geosciences Seminar: Zach Sharp, University of New Mexico (MSA Distinguished lecturer) The primordial sources of Earth’s water

Earth Section-Geosciences Seminar: Miki Nakajima, Department of Terrestrial Magnetism, Carnegie Institution of Washington

Earth Section-Geosciences Seminar: Michael Manga, UC Berkeley

Earth Section-Geosciences Seminar: Geoff Blewitt, University of Nevada Reno

Earth Section-Geosciences Seminar: Dan Stolper, UC Berkeley

Earth Section-Geosciences Seminar: Terrence Blackburn, UC Santa Cruz