Executive Education

Scripps is a global leader researching many of the natural phenomena that lead to financial risk and we are proud to be building an educational network for professionals, executives and entrepreneurs. We offer a suite of highly customizable programs taught by leaders in both science and business. Our goal is to better educate corporate leaders on the science that links to their business decisions. The network includes instruction and content for organizations including AON Reinsurance, Weatherbug Professional, MDA EarthSat, the Insurance Information Institute, Chesapeake Energy, and the law firm of Procopio, Cory, Hargreaves & Savitch.

We've also formed an Educational Alliance with the Young President's Organization (YPO-WPO International). This partnership brings Scripps into the ranks of other premier educational institutions providing world-class expertise and learning opportunities to YPO such as Harvard Business Publishing, London Business School, and Stanford Graduate School of Business.

One topic of great interest is climate change. Senior executives, entrepreneurs, and investors are reviewing risk/reward metrics in a whole new market driven by the changing climate. This new market includes evolving technologies, alternative energy solutions, sustainability initiatives, corporate branding opportunities, and marketing strategies as well as innovative new investment portfolios. Beyond this, there is a new breed of executives rising to the task of “greening” their corporate environment. To address this market, Scripps teamed with the Rady School of Management to develop the "Climate Change and Business" professional development series. Programs in this series began in June of 2008 and, since then, over one hundred professionals have participated in two-day short-courses and shorter mini-lectures. The program has drawn executives from all over the country including IBM, Qualcomm, Nike, and dozens of others. Instruction comes from corporate leaders but also from a selection of the world's leading climate scientists. Additionally, the International Finance Corporation of the World Bank recently partnered with Scripps to create a 2-day program teaching IFC developers about the basics of climate science.

Executive education programs are highly customizable across many formats including:

  • UC San Diego short-courses for executives with instruction over several days and including practical exercises and networking opportunities.
  • Short-form "mini-lectures" at UC San Diego focusing in-depth on a specific link between business and science.
  • Individualized lectures, meetings and workshops for corporate teams at your location. Instructors travel to visit corporate locations in order to discuss specific areas of interest.
  • Presentations and participation in industry conferences and corporate sponsored events.
  • On-line content including reports, discussions and multimedia podcasts (coming soon).

In a recent survey by Ernst & Young, "only 20% of responding entrepreneurs say their executive management and board completely understand climate change legislation and risk, 30% of respondents think the impact of climate change is very important to their companies. Entrepreneurs participating in the survey are not sure how to respond to climate change, however - 31% view assessing the impact of climate change as a challenge."
-- "Economy not the Deciding Factor in Starting New Businesses, According to Entrepreneurs Surveyed by Ernst & Young LLP," marketwatch.com