The AWARE YouTube Channel Videos cover the construction and activities at the AWARE Mission WAIS Divide and the McMurdo CosRay Site.  Complete AWARE Mission Channel Playlist below. While playing a time-lapsed video from our Channel, you can make the video stop to make the people, machinery and instruments stand still by clicking on the video once.  Also, if you hover over the currently-playing video the video controls will become visible for your use.  The videos in the Channel Gallery below will automatically load the next video, or you can select from the thumbnails below the viewer.  If you prefer to see the Channel in true chronological order while we iron out a kink in our gallery click the following link.

AWARE Mission PlayList on YouTube – This preceding link is the YouTube Channel link that shows the AWARE Mission Videos in chronological order. (The embedded playlist below may appear and play in REVERSE chronological occasionally – a YouTube issue.)

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