Colin Jenkinson (BOM) remained at WAIS Divide after the 1st team left, but he was not left alone for long. Ryan Scott (SIO) arrived today at the WAIS Divide and is now working with Colin, forming the 2nd AWARE Mission team. After Ryan’s arrival today, he will spend 5 weeks working at the WAIS facility. Ryan and Colin’s work together will include launching 4 radiosondes per day to document the vertical structure of the atmosphere and its evolution — launching every 6 hours over the ice sheet, and performing basic measurements of the snow¬† pack. Also, they will ensure the mission’s success by paying frequent attention to instrument calibration, status, sensor hygiene, and data back-up. In the last week of the mission, they will be joined by Greg Stone (BOM), who will help them to dismantle the site and return equipment to McMurdo Station.