Casting About

Hello Fellow MIST-ery Men, Women and Children,

We are still steaming towards Taiwan at a steady 10 knots. This has been a long transit (9 days so far), so we have been taking turns presenting our research every night. We have a variety of research disciplines represented on this cruise, and it has been very interesting to hear about the work that each person is doing and how it relates to our cruise’s research aims. Last night Jensen Jacob from the Earth Observatory of Singapore (EOS) presented some of his work on mapping the tectonics of the ocean basins near Indonesia and Australia. Continue reading

Under Pressure

Hello Fellow MIST-chief Makers,

The science portion of the cruise wrapped up a couple days ago, and we have all been resting and catching up on some well-deserved sleep. We are now in transit, heading for our final destination of Kaoshiung, Taiwan. 10 days of transit (~4 left!) is a long amount of time, so to keep entertained we have all been reading, working on papers, playing ping pong (Sylvain was crowned champion of the MIST Open), cards, and other board games. We also recently held a trivia night, with categories ranging from ‘Leviathans of Literature’ to ‘Roger Revelle: The Man, The Ship, The Legend.’ Continue reading


Hi MIST Followers,

We are off! We left port last night around 10 pm after refueling was completed.  It was sad to say goodbye to Sri Lanka, but we are excited to be underway and to begin our science mission!


Before we left the science party had a last dinner on land together at Amaravathi, a popular local restaurant in the Kollupitiya area of Colombo that serves Sri Lankan and Indian food. It was fun to get to know everyone, and the food was delicious. Continue reading

5 days in Sri Lanka

Hi MIST Followers,

We boarded the ship yesterday, and are all settled in. Today we are mostly preparing to leave for tomorrow – a lot of small things are still being ironed out, but we are all excited and ready to go!

I was lucky enough to travel around Sri Lanka for a couple days before boarding the ship. It is truly an amazing country – there is so much variety and so many different places to see, all packed on a small island. I think I could have stayed for 2 more weeks and not seen half of what I would have liked to! Continue reading

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