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Ask Voyager!

Are you a kindergarten through 12th-grade student with a question about climate, the oceans, clouds, earthquakes, volcanoes, beaches, waves or other topics in ocean and earth science? Try asking some of the world’s leading experts!

explorations now's special section for kids, Voyager, welcomes questions on a wide range of topics. We will select questions and put them to our scientists. Students whose questions are chosen will win a selection of Scripps gear and other fun prizes!

If your question is chosen, Voyager will send notification to the e-mail address you provide. Text of questions may be edited for style and length.

We encourage you to check out our Voyager Q&A Archive to see if our scientists have tackled your question before.

Note to Parents

To protect students’ privacy, explorations now will only post their first names, grade level, and city of residence.

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