From the Field

First-person dispatches from the field from Scripps Oceanography scientists

Ship crewmembers deploy a CTD rosette, a staple measurement method in CalCOFI cruises. Photo: Natalya Gallo On Board for the 70th Anniversary of an Iconic Science Program
Incoming Scripps student Amanda Leu experiences an observation program begun just after World War II
Sep 30, 2019
Kat Montgomery (left) and Katherine Rainone (right) pose in front of the California State Capitol. From the Field: Making a Splash in Sacramento
Graduate students lobby for ocean protection in Sacramento
Apr 04, 2019
Scientists traveling across Greenland’s sea ice via dogsled. Photo: Margaret Lindeman From the Field: Greenland by Helicopter (and Dogsled)
Scripps students try to inform estimates of sea-level rise from remote ice cap
May 23, 2018
R/V Sally Ride at sea From the Field: Night Shift in the Santa Barbara Channel
UC Ship Funds program supports research by UC Santa Barbara students
Dec 14, 2017
COP23 delegates Maya deVries (right) with Emily Kelly in Maui, Hawaii as part of the 100 Island Challenge. August 2017 From the Field: Stepping out of the lab and onto the floor of COP 23
by Maya deVries, PhD, Postdoctoral Scholar Sandin Lab, Scripps Institution of Oceanography
Nov 02, 2017
A mother and calf Cuvier's beaked whale are spotted off Guadalupe Island. Photo: Jennifer Trickey From the Field: Scripps Oceanography, INECC, and Sea Shepherd Study Elusive Cuvier’s Beaked Whale
Remote Mexican island is a hotspot for the rarely sighted species
Jul 03, 2017
Part of the RIS Team at Scott’s Hut near McMurdo. Hut was used during Captain Scott’s 1904 Discovery Expedition. From the Field: Graduate Students, Researcher Camp Out on Antarctic Ice Shelf
Scripps team recovers seismometers that recorded vibrations throughout the Ross Ice Shelf over past two years
May 10, 2017
California Maritime Academy cadet Morgan Murry during small boat operations from R/V Roger Revelle. Photo: Matthew Alford From the Field: Training Oceanographic Mariners of Tomorrow aboard R/V Roger Revelle
California Maritime Academy Cadet Describes Life on the Seas
Jun 27, 2016
Researchers service an automated weather station in Antarctica's Andvord Bay. Photo: Maria Stenzel From the Field (in Photos): Exploring an Antarctic Fjord
Scripps biological oceanographer Maria Vernet among chief scientists in FjordEco
Apr 13, 2016
Linda Chilton of USC Sea Grant leads citizen scientists on a tour of La Jolla Shores Jan. 20, 2016 From the Field: Empowering the Community through Citizen Science
Student will evaluate program enlisting public’s help in documenting El Niño
Feb 01, 2016
Analysis: “This Gets Us in the Game”
Scripps Oceanography researchers came to COP21 to add oceans, non-CO2 climate agents, and environmental justice to the conversation. How did they fare?
Dec 17, 2015
Servicing a seismic station in subzero temperatures and high winds. Photo courtesy of Spencer Niebuhr From the Field: Chilean Tsunami Rocks Antarctica’s Ross Ice Shelf
Chance timing leads to first seismic observations of tsunami impacts on an ice shelf
Nov 13, 2015
'Trail by Fire' scientists with their 'mobile volcano observatory.' Photo: Royal Geographic Society From the Field: ‘Trail by Fire’ Takes Geoscientists on a Rugged Tour of South American Volcanoes
Follow reports from the field as researchers take on a project of unprecedented scope
Nov 02, 2015
Researchers Ethan Roth (left) and Matthew Alford retrieve a shallow-water integrated mapping system (SWIMS). Photo: Thomas Moore From the Field: Oceanographers Find Clues behind Arctic's Fourth-Lowest Sea-Ice Minimum
ArcticMix researchers find strong turbulence beneath Arctic Ocean surface
Sep 16, 2015
From the Field: What is Making Arctic Ice Melt Faster than Expected?
Scripps physical oceanographers travel to the Arctic to investigate one possibility
Aug 28, 2015
Lobsters collected on a counting table in Barbuda. ​From the Field: Bringing a Blue Halo to Barbuda
Scripps students seek to help Caribbean island preserve its marine life
Jun 05, 2015
Scripps graduate student Taylor Maddalene with residents of the Pacific island of Tarawa From the Field: Building Partnerships in Tarawa
Scripps student Taylor Maddalene explores how science can help inform marine management decisions in Kiribati
Apr 17, 2015
Sierra Joy Stevens-McGeever is featured in a video made by Scripps Oceanography delegates at COP20 From the Field: Scripps Students at COP20
Scripps Oceanography contingent continues mission to advance ocean issues at U.N. sponsored climate negotiations in Lima
Jan 13, 2015
Sequence of Larsen B Ice Shelf collapse, February 2002. Photos: National Snow and Ice Data Center From the Field: Seismic Network Will Measure the Effects of Ocean Waves on Antarctic Ice Shelves
Dispatches from the expedition, the background on ice shelf dynamics featured in new blog
Oct 24, 2014
CCE-LTER cruise From the Field: Explore the California Current with Scripps Researchers
Follow the expedition with teacher-at-sea Carmina Ramirez
Aug 07, 2014