From the Field

First-person dispatches from the field from Scripps Oceanography scientists

Sierra Joy Stevens-McGeever is featured in a video made by Scripps Oceanography delegates at COP20 From the Field: Scripps Students at COP20
Scripps Oceanography contingent continues mission to advance ocean issues at U.N. sponsored climate negotiations in Lima
Jan 13, 2015
Sequence of Larsen B Ice Shelf collapse, February 2002. Photos: National Snow and Ice Data Center From the Field: Seismic Network Will Measure the Effects of Ocean Waves on Antarctic Ice Shelves
Dispatches from the expedition, the background on ice shelf dynamics featured in new blog
Oct 24, 2014
CCE-LTER cruise From the Field: Explore the California Current with Scripps Researchers
Follow the expedition with teacher-at-sea Carmina Ramirez
Aug 07, 2014
From the Field: Coralline Algae: The Unsung Architects of Coral Reefs
Student Maggie Johnson describes sampling algae in the Line Islands
Jan 15, 2014
Photo of R/V Roger Revelle From the Field: Follow the MIST Expedition!
Check out the official blog for the research cruise MIST (Multi-frequency Imaging of the Sunda Trench)
Dec 27, 2013
From the Field: How Long Do Corals Need to Recover?
Researchers travel to the Maldives to witness the aftermath of a major bleaching event
Oct 08, 2013
Diver with camera facing swirling column of bigeye jacks From the Field: David and Goliath -- The Science Behind the Shot
The behavior captured in an amazing (and authentic) photo by Scripps’s Octavio Aburto
Dec 19, 2012
From the Field: HARP #62, Where are You?
How a whale call traveled from Southern California to Japan
Sep 29, 2012
From the Field: Follow the Tonga Trench Expedition
Dive in to a journey of discovery at one of the deepest places on Earth
Aug 29, 2012
From the Field: Going Off the Map From the Field: Going Off the Map
Seeps, sediments, special microbes awaited students in SDCoastEx
Aug 08, 2012
From the Field: Thar She Blows!
Scripps graduate student Valerie Sahakian tells a whale tale of sunken treasure from aboard R/V Melville
Jul 09, 2012
From the Field: Follow the San Diego Coastal Expedition
Tune in to a journey of discovery off the San Diego coast
Jun 28, 2012
From the Field: A Key Player in Evolutionary Biology has a New Family in the Deep Sea
Sediment sucking acorn worms ride the currents between meals on the ocean floor
Jan 26, 2012
From the Field: Out2Sea: Climate Connections blog

Jun 21, 2011
From the Field: Leopard Shark Pups

Jun 10, 2011