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Round-ups of major media coverage of Scripps science

In the News Now: Antarctic Ice Shelves Rapidly Thinning
New study revealing accelerating losses over two decades amasses global news coverage
Mar 31, 2015
In the News Now: ‘Ditch the 2° C Warming Goal’
Coverage of commentary by a pair of UC San Diego researchers suggesting society is striving for misleading, unattainable climate goal
Oct 01, 2014
In the News Now: Help Scripps Grads Perform Innovative Research!
Vote early, vote often to help former students win $50,000 National Geographic contest
Sep 23, 2014
In the News Now: Scripps Begins Daily Keeling Curve Updates as CO2 Approaches 400 ppm

May 09, 2013
In the News Now: 'Climate change, irreversibility, and urgency'

Aug 21, 2012
In the News Now: Insuring the Oceans

Feb 20, 2012
In the News Now: New Climate Pact is Largely Rooted in Scripps Science

Feb 17, 2012
In the News Now: When Having an Open Mind Isn’t a Good Thing

Feb 10, 2012
In the News Now: 38 Climate Researchers Respond to a Wall Street Journal Opinion Piece

Feb 01, 2012
Two lanternfish and several bits of plastic collected during the SEAPLEX voyage. Photo: J. Leichter In the News Now: Plastic Found in 9 Percent of ‘Garbage Patch’ Fishes

Jun 30, 2011