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Scripps coastal oceanographer Sarah N. Giddings A Scientist's Life: Sarah N. Giddings
Coastal oceanographer studies the changing nature of estuaries
Feb 11, 2016
Acoustic technology and a marine seep. Research Highlight: Acoustic Technology Aids Scripps Scientists in Study of Marine Seeps
Novel use of acoustic recording package developed for marine mammals helps scientists monitor methane emissions in the North Sea
Feb 11, 2016
Xenoturbella churro (top center), one of four new flatworm-like species found by scientists including Scripps's Greg Rouse Research Highlight: Deep-Sea Churro Finds its Evolutionary Home
Genetic analysis by Scripps team correctly pinpoints species on the tree of life
Feb 10, 2016
San Diego coastline as seen from aircraft bearing instruments that make precision measurements of beach topography Around the Pier: El Niño Beach Survey Provides Glimpse of What’s to Come for the Coast
Elevated sea level fed by warmer ocean could be the look of the future
Feb 11, 2016
Caught fish displayed at Venice Marina in Venice, La. Research Highlight: Study Finds Toxic Pollutants in Fish Across the World’s Oceans
Scripps researchers’ analysis shows highly variable pollutant concentrations in fish meat
Feb 08, 2016
A humpback whale breaches near San Diego Bay, Feb. 7, 2016. Photo: Chris Fitzsimmons/BAS Photo of the Week
Super Bowl Sunday Spectacle
Feb 08, 2016
Linda Chilton of USC Sea Grant leads citizen scientists on a tour of La Jolla Shores Jan. 20, 2016 From the Field: Empowering the Community through Citizen Science
Student will evaluate program enlisting public’s help in documenting El Niño
Feb 01, 2016
Amato Evan points skyward with a weather balloon in the background. Photo of the Week: Into the Great Wide Open
UC San Diego undergrads launch weather balloon off the Scripps Pier
Jan 29, 2016
Red crabs caught during a CalCOFI bongo net tow. Photo: James Wilkinson Photo of the Week
Red crabs galore
Jan 21, 2016
Andy Nosal Around the Pier: Meet Andy Nosal, the Scripps Researcher with a Passion for Science Communication—and Sharks
The winner of a prestigious science communicator’s award, Nosal strives to dispel myths about sharks
Jan 12, 2016
Scripps physical oceanographer Dean Roemmich Voyager: What makes the ocean salty and how much salt is in the ocean?
Submitted by Benjamin G., 6, Ruston, La.
Jan 03, 2011
Scripps physical oceanographer Grant Deane Research Highlight: To Build an Ocean
Aerosol research center will replicate ocean-atmosphere interactions
Nov 05, 2010
Updated Google Earth image at right shows new seafloor features in the western Philippine Sea compared to earlier version Around the Pier: New Global Seafloor Map Incorporated into Google Ocean
Scripps geophysicist helps virtual globe stay up-to-date with the latest science
Jan 11, 2016
An emperor penguin resurfaces after a dive Research Highlight: Birds of a Feather
Scripps researchers study the unique design of the emperor penguin's feather coat
Jan 11, 2016
Deployment of instrument to measure light scattering in ocean off R/V Laurence M. Gould during FjordEco cruise Photo of the Week
Jan 08, 2016
Photo of the Week: Sampling Sabancaya
If the volcanic gasses won't come to you...
Dec 18, 2015
Analysis: “This Gets Us in the Game”
Scripps Oceanography researchers came to COP21 to add oceans, non-CO2 climate agents, and environmental justice to the conversation. How did they fare?
Dec 17, 2015
Scripps Oceanography graduate students represented UC San Diego at COP21 Video: Scripps Oceanography Students at COP21
Young researchers panelists in U.S. State Department special session
Dec 14, 2015
Photo of the Week: R/V Sally Ride
Under testing, crane hoists 20,000-lb. load
Dec 11, 2015
Photo of the Week: Antarctic Radar
Collecting and analyzing detailed atmospheric and cloud data
Nov 24, 2015