Research Highlights

News on research being conducted by scientists at Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UC San Diego

Research Highlight: Researchers Discover What Makes Deep-Sea Dragonfish Teeth Transparent
Findings could provide “bioinspiration” for researchers looking to develop transparent ceramics
Jun 06, 2019
Scripps CO2 Group Director Ralph Keeling Research Highlight: Carbon Dioxide Levels Hit Record Peak in May
Monthly average surpassed 414 parts per million at Mauna Loa observatory
Jun 04, 2019
Lead author Sunyoung Park (second from left) and Scripps co-authors (l-r) Jooil Kim, Jens Mühle, Ray Weiss. Photo: Erik Jepsen Research Highlight: Scientists Discover Source of New CFC emissions
Mapping sources of ozone layer-damaging compound demonstrates improved ability to monitor emissions of environmentally important gases
May 28, 2019
The Ross Ice Shelf in Antarctica. Photo by Susan Howard, Earth & Space Research. Research Highlight: Study Uncovers Surprising Melting Patterns Beneath Antarctica’s Ross Ice Shelf
Casts new light on threats to Antarctica’s largest ice shelf
May 20, 2019
Two spot octopus larva. Photo: Lilly McCormick Research Highlight: Low Oxygen Levels Could Temporarily Blind Marine Invertebrates
First study to demonstrate vision in marine invertebrates is highly sensitive to the amount of oxygen in water
May 08, 2019
The seaweed Digenea simplex on the beach. Photo: Toshiaki Teruya/University of Ryukyus, Japan Research Highlight: Scientists Develop New Production Method for Seaweed Chemical Used in Brain Research
Researchers find an affordable and effective way to produce kainic acid, an important natural chemical used by neuroscientists
May 01, 2019
Phase-out of fossil fuels can save millions of lives annually, say researchers. Photo: iStockPhoto/LightFieldStudios Research Highlight: Rapid Global Switch to Renewable Energy Can Save Millions of Lives Annually
Scientists assess impact of fossil energy and air pollution on health, climate and rainfall
Mar 26, 2019
Research Highlight: Coastal Ecosystems Suffer from Upriver Hydroelectric Dams
A recent study demonstrates the widespread environmental consequences of large dam reservoirs in Mexico
Mar 19, 2019
Photo: J.-P. Sylvestre Research Highlight: Scientists Find Mystery Killer Whales off Cape Horn, Chile
Expedition to find rare Type D killer whales
Mar 07, 2019
Crew of NOAA Ship Ronald M. Brown deploy a CTD, an instrument that collects ocean temperature and other data Research Highlight: Deep Ocean Warming at an Accelerating Rate
Measurements made from ships and by Scripps-built robots both point to more heat uptake than expected
Mar 06, 2019
AlertWildfire cameras on top of Santiago Peak in Orange County, Calif. during the Holy Fire in August 2018. Research Highlight: Seventy High-Tech Cameras Installed in Southern California Provide Eyes on Fire Prone Areas
ALERTWildfire cameras supported by UC San Diego improve situational awareness during wildfire events
Feb 28, 2019
Atmospheric river hits California. Photo: Jesse Allen, NASA Earth Observatory / VIIRS satellite Research Highlight: New Scale to Characterize Atmospheric River Storms
Similar to scales gauging hurricane, wind, or tornado intensity, could aid flood response and water management, especially in the West
Feb 06, 2019
Ngederrak Reef, a marine protected area adjacent to the main harbor of Palau.  Photo: Travis Schramek Research Highlight: New Tool to Forecast Fishing Activity in Palau’s Waters
Novel research and prediction system has implications for large-scale monitoring, conservation, and fisheries management in Pacific island nations
Feb 01, 2019
View of internal waves off northern coast of Trinidad seen from International Space Station. Photo: NASA Research Highlight: New Research Sheds Light on Hidden Ocean Waves Close to Shore
Measurements off Scripps Pier provide the first long-duration analysis of important, but elusive underwater waves
Jan 22, 2019
Zooglider (top) with a selection of zooplankton imagery the robot has captured. Top photo: Benjamin Whitmore Research Highlight: New Robot Can Sense Plankton Optically and Acoustically
Scripps biological and physical oceanographers collaborate to create first-of-its-kind sensing instrument
Jan 17, 2019
Images of marine invertebrate growth on plate installed off McMurdo Sound seafloor taken in 1974, 1989, and 2010 Research Highlight: How Marine Life Responds to Upheaval
Recent episode in Antarctica set off a chain of ecological events and offered a study in resilience
Jan 11, 2019
From left, vocal kelp forest fishes plain midshipman, garibaldi, and bocaccio. Photos: Margaret Marchaterre, Ed Bierman, NOAA Research Highlight: Monitoring Ocean Health Using Fish Sounds
Acoustic fish recordings could be less expensive way to monitor marine protected areas
Dec 17, 2018
SCMA co-director Tom Levy surveys the wreckage of a 4th Century BC shipwreck off Cyprus at more than 43 meters (140 feet) deep. Research Highlight: New Scripps Center for Marine Archaeology Seeks Answers to the End of Civilizations
Ancient shorelines could hold answers to human migration in Mediterranean
Dec 11, 2018
Catsharks and cusk eels on Gulf of California seafloor where oxygen levels are as little as three percent of those at surface Research Highlight: In Waters Nearly Oxygen-Free, Researchers Find Thriving Fish Populations
Scripps and MBARI researchers discover high numbers of two fish species in nearly anoxic region of Gulf of California
Dec 07, 2018
Research Highlight: Study Suggests Which Feeds Could Work Best for Small-scale Freshwater Aquaculture
Scripps student worked with high school graduates in Malawi on local fish farming practices
Nov 06, 2018