Research Highlights

News on research being conducted by scientists at Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UC San Diego

David Checkley Research Highlight: Swimming with Curiosity
One of the world’s longest series of daily seawater temperature measurements offers valuable insights for science and resource management
Aug 26, 2014
Research Highlight: New Images Reveal the Anatomy of an Active Volcano
Magma reservoir the size of Yosemite Valley is the thickest ever imaged beneath a ‘hot spot’
Aug 01, 2014
Research Highlight: U.S. and Indian Research Centers Take Part in Multinational Effort to Understand a Key Monsoon Variable
Scientists aboard R/V Roger Revelle embark on study of the influence of ocean dynamics on vital climate pattern
Jul 29, 2014
Research Highlight: A Possible Key Ingredient in the Recipe for Life on Earth
Seven years after Stanley Miller's death, his unfinished origin of life experiment is completed by a new generation
Jul 01, 2014
El Niño projection for winter 2014 Research Highlight: El Niño Is Shaping Up in Southern California
Local index shows strong agreement with equatorial data; Scripps measurements are vital components of multiple programs
Jun 05, 2014
A young Walter Munk with mentor Harald Sverdrup. Photo: Scripps Institution of Oceanography Archives, UC San Diego Libraries. Research Highlight: Scripps and the Science behind the D-Day Landings
Seventy years after Operation Overlord, renowned Scripps geophysicist Walter Munk looks back at how his wave prediction methods helped the Allies prepare for the Normandy invasion
Jun 03, 2014
Research Highlight: Powered by Plankton
Scripps, UCSD algae biofuel programs rated top in the country
Apr 07, 2014
Anemometer and air sample collection tube at the tip of Scripps Pier Research Highlight: The Ocean as Air Filter
UC San Diego/Scripps research reveals the ocean takes up a portion of ozone-forming compounds at night
Mar 13, 2014
Research Highlight: 'Unique' Collaboration Helps Determine the Age of Biblical-Era Industry
Analysis of Israeli copper mine artifacts also calls accuracy of Genesis into question
Mar 03, 2014
Research Highlight: What is Tearing Africa Apart?
Scripps's David Hilton explores a rift in east Africa that will eventually split the continent
Feb 28, 2014
Satellite composite image of integrated water vapor shows an atmospheric river impacting the U.S. West Coast.  Research Highlight: Scripps and NOAA Researchers Take Flight to Observe Atmospheric River
Precipitation provided partial relief to drought-stricken West
Feb 25, 2014
Gareth Williams surveys reefs at Palmyra Atoll Research Highlight: Sick Reefs and Marine Fungus
Increasing acidity and rising temperatures will have complex effects on marine diseases in coral reefs
Feb 18, 2014
Polypterus. Photo: Corey Jew Research Highlight: 100-Year-Old Mystery Solved, Posthumously
Discovery led by beloved Scripps researcher clarifies puzzle of air-breathing fish with links to modern human hearing
Feb 06, 2014
Powerful wave on Oahu's North Shore Photo: Kanaka Menehune Research Highlight: Are Pacific Waves Ready to Power Back Up?
Review of wave intensity over 60 years shows strong links to multi-decadal cycles
Feb 03, 2014
Research Highlight: New Report Links Duck Hunting to Health of Baja Lagoons
Research led by Scripps graduate student shows that waterfowl habitats could be preserved in a process that links ecological processes with economic benefits
Jan 21, 2014
Research Highlight: Tuned in to Whale Behavior
Audio recordings lead to possible acoustic identification of five rare beaked whale species
Jan 09, 2014
Research Highlight: Less Sea Ice Means More CO2 Uptake in the Arctic
But new research indicates the trend is not clear-cut
Jan 06, 2014
Juvenile rockfish Research Highlight: Rising Ocean Acidification Leads to Anxiety in Fish
Study shows acidity levels projected by the end of the century results in behavioral changes that could impact feeding, fisheries
Dec 05, 2013
parchment tube worm Research Highlight: A Peek into Nature’s Glowing Slime
Scientists probe the mysteries of a little-known sea worm and its clouds of bioluminescent mucus… and find that a common vitamin may be behind it all
Dec 04, 2013
Concentrations of Garbage Patch Plastic Estimated

Nov 20, 2013