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Gun turret of sunken World War II B-25 off Papua New Guinea

Research Highlight: Two Missing World War II B-25 Bombers Documented off Papua New Guinea
Latest discovery follows successful identification and documentation of five missing World War II aircraft in 2016

Photo of the Week: Bending the Curve
California Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom highlights UC's carbon neutrality plan

Video: Loss of Reef Urchins
Scripps scientists describe how overfishing set off damaging chain reaction in Caribbean coral reefs

Maria Vernet

A Scientist’s Life: Maria Vernet
Phytoplankton ecologist studies key members of ocean food webs

Researchers used genome mining and DNA sequencing to study bacteria found in marine sponges. Credit: Jason S. Biggs

Research Highlight: Bacteria Living in Marine Sponge Produce Flame Retardant-Like Compounds
Scripps researchers are steps closer to understanding human health implications