Scripps Oceanographic Collections

Samples from the Scripps Collections

An Extraordinary Record of Life on Earth

The Scripps Oceanographic Collections make up the largest and most complete university-based oceanographic collection in the world. Comprised of millions of biological and geological marine specimens, the collections are irreplaceable because they record the state of the ocean environment at specific points in time over the past century. They tell a unique and evolving story of life on Earth and provide answers to questions about our planet's future.


How You Can Help

Private support is crucial for maintaining the integrity and accessibility of the Scripps Oceanographic Collections. It would take millions of dollars and thousands of man-hours to replace all of the holdings of the collections, but the snapshots of nature in the time they represent mean their value is far greater. They are, in fact, priceless.

Your contribution to keep the Scripps Oceanographic Collections thriving could be what helps uncover the answers to tomorrow s greatest environmental challenges. Scripps offers several opportunities for donors to show their support for these irreplaceable science and teaching resources.

Name a New Species

Every year collections staff and researchers discover new species of marine creatures. The cost to name one of Scripps's newly discovered creatures ranges from $5,000 to $50,000. Donors who name a species will receive a framed print of their named organism, as well as a copy of the scientific publication in which it is first described.

Sponsor the Collections

Annual sponsorships range from $25,000 to be a lead sponsor to $2,500 to sponsor specific categories of holdings such as California fish, mollusks, sediment cores, or deep-sea plankton. Benefits include prominent listing on a plaque within the collections, opportunities for collections tours, and membership in Friends of the Collections.

Friends of the Collections

For an annual contribution of $1,000 of more, you can become a Friend of the Collections and help sustain collections operating costs. Benefits include opportunities for collections tours, unlimited admission to Birch Aquarium at Scripps, and invitations to behind-the-scenes events at Scripps.

For more information about how you can support the Scripps Oceanographic Collections, or to join us for a tour, please contact us at (858) 822-1865 or