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A Scripps research vessel is silhouetted against a sunset

Giving Opportunities

If you were to draw a line from Earth's core through the oceans into space, you'd find Scripps scientists studying all of the processes and interactions along that line. Building on a broad and distinguished record of exploration and discovery, Scripps scientists have continued to pioneer new approaches to ocean, earth, and climate sciences.

Your gift to support discovery can help keep Scripps at the leading edge of ocean and earth sciences by advancing innovative research through seed funding for new initiatives and the development of new technologies and leveraging funds from federal grants.

The following represents select areas for support of the Scripps research enterprise


Biodiversity and Conservation

Studying diversity, distribution, and protection of marine life in the world’s oceans

Working with a CDIP buoy

California Environment

Scripps scientists work extensively in the California onshore and offshore region

Sample bottle of reference material

Earth and Planetary Chemistry

Using chemistry to explain the mechanisms behind major geological systems of Earth and planets of the solar system

Lisa Tauxe takes a reading

Earth through Space and Time

Understanding the planet’s defining features and fundamental processes

Professor Gerwick examining a beaker of algae

Energy and the Environment

Sources of alternative energy and development of methods for discovery and acquisition of energy resources

Female student holding a petri dish

Environment and Human Health

Studying threats in the global environment and seeking new medicines to treat human diseases

Woman with cookstove in India

Global Change

Global observations and modeling of climate dynamics and the study of the effects of environmental change on society and nature

Deploying a sensor in the Gulf of Mexico

Global Environmental Monitoring

Instruments, observing systems, and models measuring, monitoring, and predicting physical, chemical, and biological aspects of Earth

Satellite image of smoke from San Diego County wildfires


Research and tools to observe, model, and predict natural hazards

Ice floe

Ice and Climate

Research of the cryosphere and its relationship to global change

A Spray glider on the surface

Instruments and Innovation

Development and deployment of ocean- and land-based scientific observing instruments and systems

Spray flies off a curling wave


Air-sea boundary, tectonic margins, climate and weather—the interactions between systems and environments

Divers above coral

Krinsk Research Advancement Initiative

Supports Scripps scientists and students through direct investments in the equipment, tools, and resources they need to conduct cutting-edge ocean and earth science research

Clown fish

Marine Life

Marine biology and biological oceanography from coastal estuaries to the deep ocean

People silhouetted against a display screen

Modeling, Theory, and Computing

Climate, environmental, Earth and ocean models, inverse theory, programming and end-user tools, and cyberinfrastructure research

A breaching whale

Sound and Light in the Sea

Research using sound and light to study characteristics of physical and biological bodies and processes in the Earth, ocean and atmosphere

A satellite image of an eddy

Waves and Circulation

The study of waves, currents, and circulation in the ocean and atmosphere