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Paradigm-defining Discovery 

We pioneer global exploration. With specialties that span every aspect of marine, earth and atmospheric sciences, Scripps Institution of Oceanography is home to forerunners in climate change, medicine, and data. 

With your philanthropic support of Scripps Institution of Oceanography-which contributes to the Campaign for UC San Diego - we can help develop solutions that not only restore our habitats and resources, but safeguard our future by preserving the planet. 

Help us lead the way to healthier oceans and a better Earth. Explore our giving priorities below and make a gift today

Enhancing the student experience

Through the Division of Marine Sciences, we teach and mentor the next generation of explorers. Fellowship support brings emerging scientists to Scripps Oceanography and provides graduate students wtih the flexibility to pursue ambitious research. And postdoctoral fellows augment our science education and communication initiatives by connecting graduate classes and academic divisions to Birch Aquarium exhibits. 

Give to Scripps Graduate Fellowships
Give to Scripps Undergraduate Student Scholarships

Enriching our campus community 

Addressing the planet's most pressing crises means investing in opportunities to leverage Scripps Oceanography's greatest strengths: our maverick people and programs. Endowed faculty chairs and fellowships boost the work of faculty leaders, while investing in educational programs help us engage the community in learning about and stewarding our precious resources. 

Give to the Birch Aquarium Education Fund
Give to Scripps Oceanography's Greatest Needs
Give to Scripps Oceanography Campus Improvement 

Sparking research and innovation

Research support provides our world-class scientists with greater freedom, creativity and daring in the pursuit of boundary-breaking ideas on every continent and in every ocean, impacting our ability to adapt to climate and other environmental change, protecting us against natural hazards, enhancing our health and developing our marine economy. 

Give to the Scripps Oceanography Excellence Fund
Give to the Center for Marine Biodiversity and Conservation
Give to the Scripps Oceanography Research and Exploration Fund
Give to the Center for Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation Endowment 

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