Dick Norris - Disappearance of Coral Reefs, Drastically Altered Marine Food Web...

Lisa Tauxe - Franklin Institute Award

James Day

James Day - Houtermans Award

Massive Planetary Collision May Have Zapped Key Elements from Moon

James Day - Massive Planetary Collision May Have Zapped Key Elements from Moon


Jeff Gee - New Study Finds Major Differences in Motions of Volcanic 'Hotspots'


The Geosciences Research Division (GRD) is home to a diverse set of academics and staff whose interests cover a wide variety of topics in the atmospheric, marine and solid Earth sciences. In many cases, these topics are cross-disciplinary but they include essential components of the following core themes: the geochemistry of the solid, liquid and gaseous Earth, cosmochemistry (meteorites, asteroids and other planetary bodies), paleoceanography and paleoclimate, stratigraphy and sedimentology, geobiology and paleoecology, global and regional tectonics, paleomagnetism and hydrogeology. Research activities encompass modeling studies, laboratory experiments, and field-based expeditions, including ship-time, with GRD members taking full advantage of the extensive research facilities on offer within the division and at SIO.

In the following panels, we invite you to explore the types of research carried out at GRD, how we fund it, and the publications that result from our endeavors. In many cases, our research activities lead directly to education and outreach opportunities. People are the most important part of GRD and you can find us conveniently listed in alphabetical order below. Business-related questions and how to contact and find us round off the links.


GRD News

Bacteria AltSIO Microscopic Organism Plays a Big Role in Ocean Carbon Cycling, Scripps Scientists Discover
Taken-for-granted ocean carbon consumption highlights key role of individual species
Scripps Oceanography Director Margaret Leinen speaks to an audience after being introduced by Chancellor Pradeep K. Khosla. New Vice Chancellor for Marine Sciences Creates Vision for Scripps Oceanography
Leinen Describes Appeal and Challenges of Managing Institution
Margaret Leinen Scripps Welcomes Margaret Leinen as Director
Vice Chancellor for Marine Sciences and Dean of the School of Marine Sciences Joins Scripps Oceanography at UC San Diego
Scripps Scientists Elected as AGU Fellows
Lisa Levin, Jeff Severinghaus among 62 to be honored
Collecting rock and fluid samples from Iceland during a 2007 research trip

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A friction apparatus used to study earthquakes and fault weakening in a Nature paper authored by Scripps Professors Kevin Brown and Yuri Fialko.

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