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The Hydraulics Laboratory offers various testing facilities. An on-site machine shop, fabrication tools and the in house expertise to use them greatly enhance the capability of the laboratory to serve a wide variety of scientific projects and research. 

Building dimensions are 31 m by 46 m. Adjacent is an asphalt-surfaced work yard 31 m by 40 m. Throughout the laboratory there is access to fresh and salt water (which can be chilled and filtered), drainage trenches, electric power (120V single phase and 208V three phase), and compressed air.

Glass Walled Wave Channel

Interior dimensions are 33 m long, 0.5 m wide with a normal water depth of 0.5 m. The electro-hydraulic servo-actuated wave generator will generate waves to 25 cm high. All side walls and 11 m of the tank bottom are glass to provide optical access. Different configurations of beaches can be installed. There is also a reversible flow system variable to .041 cubic meters/sec. A small tow cart runs the full length of the channel and has a variable speed range of zero to 74 cm/s. The channel also has a closed-loop air filtration system that meets class 100 clean room standards and includes filters for organic and inorganic gases

Ocean Atmosphere Research Pressure Facility

The Marine Sciences Development Center manages this 69 MPa (10,000 PSIG) pressure chamber for the Keck Center. Interior dimensions are 0.35 m diameter and 1.8 m length. Fresh or salt water is available. Pressure measurement is accurate to <+/- 0.1% full scale.

Ocean Atmosphere Research Pool

The Marine Sciences Development Center manages this testing pool located at the Keck Center. Oval shape, interior dimensions are 5.5 m width and 12.5 m length.  Shallow depth is 4 m with a deep section at 9.1 m.  Fresh or salt water is available.


Direct and 802.11 wireless Ethernet connections are available throughout the lab. A machine shop is available for maintenance tasks and research support.  The lab has a 3,500 lb capacity forklift.