Technology Application Group

The Technology Application Group (TAG) is a research focused team that provides engineering, technical support, leadership, guidance, and mentoring on collaborative, interdisciplinary science programs.  Our efforts span earth, ocean, and atmospheric sciences with research from the bottom of the ocean to the top of the troposphere.  Our core competencies include the design, development, and deployment of environmental data acquisition systems for remote collection of oceanographic, meteorological, and climate data, and include expertise in the calibration, inspection, and preparation of data acquisition systems and associated sensors while providing data retrieval, data processing, data management and data distribution functions.

TAG takes an active role in research projects developed with PIs from the proposal preparation stage through the completion of funded awards and works closely with PIs to ensure program success and commitments to collaborators and stakeholders are met.  TAG works with research department business offices on proposal preparation and grant administration; provides mentoring in the lab and the field to staff, postdocs, graduate and undergraduate students; and is actively involved in campus outreach efforts highlighting the significance and importance of scientific research to the local community and the world at large.

Engineering experience includes sensor development, embedded systems design, mechanical systems design, and computer systems design.  TAG has participated in field research deployments of subsurface and surface ocean arrays, bottom mounted instrumentation and free vehicles in near-shore, shelf and deep ocean environments measuring physical, biological and chemical processes, along with the deployment of meteorological arrays at sea and on land. Projects have been staged in the US and abroad for principal investigators from various SIO departments, other institutions, universities, and governmental agencies.

The Technology Application Group is located in Seaweed Canyon, Corallina Building Rm. 100.

Douglas Alden, Technology Application Group Lead
(858) 534-8997

Spencer Kawamoto
(858) 822-2763