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About IT Services

Scripps IT manages all aspects of Information Technology systems and services for the VCMS. These services include:

  • Scripps Web Operations
  • Administrative database development and administration
  • Network and cyber-security management and oversight
  • Management of the Scripps CoLocation facility
  • Desktop and server systems administration support for VCMS administrative units, research groups, and labs

Scripps Web Operations

Scripps Web Operations designed, developed, and now manages the main Scripps Website, Scripps Scholars, WordPress Sites (labs, centers, projects, expeditions) and a number of other web-based applications and institutional web resources. In addition, Scripps Web Operations provides web development and support services for a number of self-supporting units at Scripps, including the Birch Aquarium and California Sea Grant.

Administrative Database Development and Administration

Administrative databases managed by the IT Services group database team crosscut every administrative and institution-wide group on campus. Databases developed and supported include: research division Salary Recharge/Labor Clearing Account applications; Scripps PeopleDB & SpaceDB applications; Lab Safety Training application; research division Accounting and Reporting application (BUX); Fish, Benthic, and Pelagic Marine Invertebrate Collections databases, Marine Sciences Development Center (MSDC) Timekeeping application, and the various databases and reporting tools and applications used by the Scripps Director’s Office and Central Administration.

Network and Cyber-security Management and Oversight

Partnering with UCSD Administrative Computing and Telecommunications (ACT), Scripps IT manages the physical network infrastructure and IP space at SIO. This includes overseeing the design, planning, and construction of the network for SIO campus and MarFac buildings, as well as the periodic ACT-sponsored NGN network upgrades to the various buildings at Scripps.

In addition to networking, Scripps IT also works with ACT to monitor the campus network and computers for cyber-security breaches and other possible violations of regulatory compliance involving Personally Identifiable Information (PII), in addition to assisting in monitoring and mitigating network-based Advanced Persistent Threats (APT) attacks from off-campus.

Management of the Scripps CoLocation Facility

The Scripps Server Colocation facility (CoLo) was designed, built, and is now managed, by Scripps IT for the VCMS, to provide Scripps’ researchers and labs a facility to house their computational equipment, providing reliable power and cooling infrastructure in a physically secure environment, at no ongoing cost to the PIs or labs. In addition to providing a controlled computational environment, the CoLo allows the VCMS to close down and reclaim the space occupied by inefficient and power-hungry closet-, or lab-based “server rooms,” helping the campus reduce energy consumption and meet its energy conservation goals. It also sets the stage for possible future participation in the Chancellor-sponsored Integrated Digital Infrastructure Initiative (IDI) at UCSD, as well as serves as a recruiting tool for potential faculty hires interested in computationally intensive research

Desktop and Server Systems Administration Support

Scripps IT also provides server and desktop support to nearly all administrative units on campus, including: divisional business offices, the VCMS/Director’s office and Central Administration; SIO Education Department; Birch Aquarium; California Sea Grant; MSDC; as well as a number of research groups at Scripps as part of a growing research IT support recharge activity. These services encompass email management, calendaring and messaging, printing, research data storage, sharing, and backup, as well as server and desktop hardware and software installation, maintenance, troubleshooting, and repair..