Business Applications

Both Campus and Scripps Oceanography resources are available to staff and faculty.

Campus Resources

A full listing of applications, programs, databases and other electronic tools for UC San Diego staff and faculty.

Scripps Oceanography Resources

People DB

The People DB Application was designed to serve multiple business functions.   A primary one was the consolidation of People-centric data across all SIO Divisions, SeaGrant, BAS and to include Affiliates and visitors of diverse stays.    As the central repository of this data, HR offices can utilize said data for a wide variety of ad-hoc and automated reports.    Access to this data is protected and limited but if you believe it can be of benefit to your business needs please contact

Space DB

The Space application is currently undergoing a frontend and reporting facelift which will allow for a more comprehensive data set for reporting purposes.   In its essence it is designed to encapsulate the spaces assigned and occupied by PIs and their staff, as well as space occupied by administrative staff, students and visitors.   Access to this data is also restricted to limited set of users.   If you wish to gain access please contact us at

Lab Safety Training