PeopleDB User Guide



Step-by-Step User Guide


      1. Create a new record or update existing
        A.  First check if person is already in database.
        - Select 'New' from top menu.
        - Perform initial search by entering what is known about the person.   All 5 fields need to be filled but only 'Last Name' and 'First Name' should be accurate; the other fields don't have to be remotely accurate.
        B.  Search Results
        I.  If there is a match then via the 'SIO ID' hyperlink proceed  to update data fields in the View/Edit page of the person selected.  ( No new record is created )
        II. If there is no match then select 'Proceed to Create a New Record' button at bottom right.  There are several instructions on this page.
      2. When creating a new record there are 4 fields which are required and are clearly marked in the View/Edit page of any person.  Last Name, Fist Name, SIO Role and Primary Email.   Once filled these fields will show colored 'green'; otherwise they remain 'red'.   The record cannot be 'saved' unless all 4 fields are filled.   Furthermore, the 'Save' button will not be available for selection if any of the 4 fields remain unfilled.  
         (NOTES:  Any 'Save' button saves field content in any of the modules .   And in Fall 2014 we'll have more required fields. )
      3. People data is divided into the following Modules:  Employment/HR,  Relationships, Hiring/Separation, Personal Data,  Teaching/Education, Space, Notes, and Personnel History.  (NOTE: Personnel History is not a data entry module per se.  Rather it is a log of how the record has been modified over time. 
         - The Employment/HR module contains most of the fields which determine how the person will be represented in other SIO web sites such as Scripps Scholars, the Scripps directory, some mailing lists (i.e. Academic Personnel), and eventually other sites.  (NOTE:  For in-depth field descriptions see related section below )