WordPress Lab Sites

WordPress is the world’s most popular open-source content management system and meets most web publishing needs.

Eligibility and Fees

Lab sites are provided at no charge to the Scripps community.


  • Support for pages, blogs, photos, video, audio
  • Standard templates (2 responsive themes to choose from)
  • Standard set of approved plugins
  • Social media integration for sharing/linking content
  • Site Analytics

Do you require more functionality?

If you find you need more than WordPress can provide — data repositories, interactive features — you can opt for external hosting, theming and programming. However, please note, that the Web Group will not be able to provide support.

What you need to do

  • Choose a template
  • Choose a name
  • Email sioweb@ucsd.edu and set up a time to come talk with us about your needs
  • Log in and customize your template
  • Prepare and migrate your content

Think about your content

  • What do you really need to put online?
  • Keep site simple so people think about your research, not your website
  • What are your top pages?
  • Who will update your site?
  • Can you maintain what you start?
  • You don’t want to build 20 pages that need to be updated every year

Two Template Options   


Twenty Fourteen Theme Details

  • Good for highlighting projects or frequent updates
  • Needs posts to populate front page
    • Posts don’t need to be “bloggy”
    • But they do need images
  • Grid will display up to 6 image posts in two rows, so 3 or 6 look best
  • Slider will show up to 6 slides


Stacks Theme Details

  • Works if you want a home page that just has an image and a little intro text
  • Each layer can be different

Prepare your content

  • Strip old formatting
  • Photos likely need to be bigger
  • Responsive design shows them big on big screens, small on small screens
  • WordPress will compress them for smaller sizes
  • Bullet lists help skimmers
  • Use common language for your field to help your content be found

Migrate Your Content

  • Make pages for your main menu items
  • If you opted for the Twenty Fourteen them, be sure to make posts for slider or grid
  • Add your new URL to your UCSD Blink profile

When Your Site is Ready...

  • Let Web Operations know at sioweb@ucsd.edu so we can:
  • Redirect any old URL to the new URL
  • Make sure you are listed in the Centers, Labs, Programs, and Groups directory