Creating Password-Protected Content

Creating password-protected webpages using the "Secure" content type is limited to the "Directors Office" role.

Step 1

After you login to the Mega-Site, click on "Add content" from the grey shortcut toolbar located at the top-left of the webpage and select "Secure"

secure content

Step 2

From the Content tab on the left add the following:

  1. Title (this is the page title)
  2. Header image (if available)
  3. Body
  5. Select a Security Level (if you do not see a level you require, please email
security level

Scroll back towards the top of the page and click the "Related Media" tab on the left

Step 3

If available, add the following:

  1. Related Videos
  2. Related Image Galleries

Step 4

Click the "Menu settings" tab, select "Provide a menu link" and add the following:

  1. Menu link title
  2. Description (copy and paste the Menu link title here)
  3. Select the Parent item
  4. Select a Weight

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and select either "Publish" or "Save as draft"