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For Use in Managing Ticket Sales and Registration for the Following Venues

Steps Event Organizer Must Take to Set Up an Event:

Paid Events:

Event organizer must contact Michelle Tellez in the Vice Chancellor Marine Sciences (VCMS) Business Office to inform her of the event.

Phone: 858-534-6427

Event organizer must also notify the MSO or Business Office in their division to establish an event index number.  Once an index number for the event is setup, the organizer must contact a representative from Scripps Venue Rentals for help on creating the event through Eventbrite.

Scripps Venue Rentals
Telephone: 858-534-5604
Inquiry form

Free Events:

Event organizer can contact a representative from Scripps Venue Rentals for help in creating the event through Eventbrite.

Scripps Venue Rentals
Telephone: 858-534-5604
Inquiry form

Eventbrite Account Users

Venue/Events Manager, Donna Shabkie: Can create, view, edit and manage all events

Event Organizers: Can be granted access to view and edit their specific event(s) as well as receive email notifications.

Business Office Users: Can view fees, invoices, and payouts for all events. Users also receive monthly invoices via email from Eventbrite.

Eventbrite Fees

Paid Events

There are various processing fees that should be added to the final ticket cost and passed on to the registrants:

    • Eventbrite = 3.5% + $1.59/ticket
    • = 3% (credit card processing)
    • = $10.00/month fee PER EVENT (assessed during the months when there is credit card activity)

Example of processing fee breakdown per registration:

    • Assigned ticket price = $367.00
    • Eventbrite Fee  = $12.85 Eventbrite Ticket Fee = $1.59 cents
    • = $11.44

Free Events

There are no associated fees.

UC San Diego Fees

  • Auxiliary and Self Supporting Activities (ASSA) Tax: 3.4%

This is a tax placed on revenue by Upper Campus. Business Officers should be aware of this and factor it in as part of the event cost.  ASSA tax is collected on a monthly basis.

Note:  In the above example, suggested ticket price would be $367.00 + $25.88 (fees) + $12.97 (ASSA tax) = $405.85  (roughly 10% in fees & taxes)

Payment Accounts and Payouts


    • When ticket sales are done online using a credit card, and processed by Authorize.Net, Eventbrite invoices SIO for the service fees on a monthly basis. This is done because each ticket sale, along with the Eventbrite service fee, gets charged/credited directly into the UCSD SIO DIRECTOR’S ECOMM account.

      You can check out more information about Eventbrite's invoicing process here:

Vice Chancellor Marine Sciences (VCMS) Business Office

    • Approved for payments with Visa and Mastercard
      • Generated revenue and fees are transferred to the divisional conference index on a monthly basis by the VCMS Business Office (Suzanne or Michelle)
    • Divisional index numbers must be set up on funds that can accept revenue
      • NOTE:  Depending on the timing of when registration payments are received by the Director’s Office and transferred to the conference index number, and when Eventbrite invoices are received, there may be fees charged after the event has been completed.  Regardless of the timing, event organizers are responsible for payment of all related fees.

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