Doug Bartlett (PI)



Kelli K. Mullane (Ph.D. student)



Tianhan (Tanya) Xu (Master’s student)



Bronte Shelton (BS/MS student)


Sixuan (Christine) Li (BS/MS student)



Lindsay Beatty (Undergraduate student)



Recent Members

Doctoral Students:

  • Dr. Logan M. Peoples – graduated Summer 2018
  • Dr. Rosa Leon Zayas – now an Assistant Professor of Biology at Willamette University

Masters Students:

  • Flora Tang
  • Jon Tarn – now a PhD student with Dave Valentine

Post-Doctoral Members:

  • Dr. Alvaro Munoz-Plominsky – now a postdoc in the Allen Lab at SIO
  • Dr. Angeliki Marietou – now a postdoc at Aarhus University
  • Dr. Priya Narasingarao – now a scientist with Illumina Corporation

Research Staff:

  • Roger Chastain – Staff Research Associate, now retired

Undergraduate Students:

  • Nicole Guevara (undergraduate researcher)
  • Matthew Demelo (undergraduate researcher)
  • Vitul Agarwal (undergraduate researcher)
  • Than Kyaw (postundergraduate researcher, entering a MD/PhD program)

Visiting Scholars:

  • Dr. Wei-Jia Zhang – visiting associate professor
  • Dr. Gowtham Subbarao – affiliate/collaborator
  • Pok Man (Bob) Lueng – visiting undergraduate student, entering a PhD program