Shane Finnerty

Master’s Student |

Shane Finnerty finished his B.S. in Marine Biology at UCSD. Shane is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in marine biology – characterizing ionocyte distribution in larval white seabass. Raised partly in both Monterey California, as well as the greater Seattle area of Washington state, he spent his summers exploring the intertidal and kelp forests of the West Coast. Before his start at Scripps, Shane worked in the biology department of Santa Barbara City College as an assistant lab technician while working on his transfer to UCSD. During this time, he worked also as an exhibit interpreter at Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History’s Sea Center, as well as a docent at the Hollister Ranch Tide Pool School, educating students on marine life of the California Coast, and the importance of protecting our natural ecosystems. With an interest in teleost fishes, Shane entered the Tresguerres Lab as a volunteer under Ph.D. candidate Garfield Kwan, studying the cellular mechanisms involved in biomineralization of fish otoliths.